Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture


The pool of resources for the free Grasshopper plug in for Rhino is always expanding as new parametric capabilities offered by the program are constantly being discovered. The most recent set of resources can be discovered through the Grasshopper Forum. Below, is a compilation of reliable resources that have helped students and faculty at the UVA School of Architecture better understand the program’s vast capabilities, aiding the development of Explode_BReps.

Resource from Dripps + Phinney Studio: Grasshopper Desktop Companionclick here to download the definition

Grasshopper3d Download –

Grasshopper Forum –

ModeLab Courses –

Ex-Lab Tutorial Sequence –

Digital Toolbox –

OrganiCites Tutorials –

Crida Scripts –

Plethora-Project –

Vitruality –

Design Coding –

Nick Senske –—introduction-to-parametrics-grasshopper