Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Reading Recommendations

Jane Burry, Mark Burry, The New Mathematics of Architecture

Richard Forman, Land Mosaics

Vicente Guallart, Geologics-Geography, Information, Architecture.

Michael Hensel, Achim Menges:, Versatility and Vicissitude-Performance in Morpho-Ecological Design

Steven Johnson, Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software

Branko Kolarevic, Kevin Klinger, Manufacturing Material Effects: Rethinking Design and Making in Architecture

Liat Margolis, Alexander Robinson, Living Systems

Frei Otto: Occupying and Connecting

Pottman, Asperi, Hofer, Kilian, Architectural Geometry

Anne Save de Beaurecueil, Franklin Lee, Articulated Grounds: Mediating Environment and Culture.

Reiser+Umemoto, Atlas of Novel Tectonics

Patrik Schumacher, “Parametric Diagrammes”, “Parametricism”, “Style as Research Programme”.

Robert Woodbury, Elements of Parametric Design