Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

An Intervention Above Changing Sea Levels (Final Rhino Model)

We have completed our final Rhino model of a small collection of homes and classrooms, all of which are situated on cliffs above changing relative sea levels.  As the previous posts indicate, the means of representation of the topography and surrounding environment focuses mainly on the water at the site, as the rainwater on the bluffs and the level of the sea are the only indications of the site.  The design of the intervention follows the language used in the representation of the water, as the shapes of the homes and paths between them mirror the sea’s structure and the entire system rests on rails that mimic the slope of the rainwater on the bluffs.

The imagined assembly of the physical model is shown below, beginning with the preparation of an acrylic water base, then the use of metal frames, and finally the hanging of transparencies for the water on the bluffs.

Rhino File

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