Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Plan for Physical Model (Trial 1)

To make the previous iteration into a physical model, we have begun to think about suspending the water flow/sea level from a larger system.  The majority of the model (i.e., frame, sea level, and water flow on slopes) might be made with thin metal ribbons to take advantage of their strength and ability to hold a bent form, and string will likely be used to hold the model together through suspension.

The format is based loosely on the understanding that the water is a part of a much larger system, and the representation, we hope, will be suggestive of what Antony Gormley’s work suggests to us: that of a figure dependent and a part of the environment around it.  An image of Gormley’s work is shown below.

The following images show portions of the model for clarification: first, the water on the topography and supporting structure (which is suggestive of rainfall and the larger hydrological system); second, the sea level layer with a similar supporting structure; and third,  and plan and a section of the two layers together.


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