Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Rails and Water

OverviewFor this iteration, our intervention remains the same: that of focusing the living spaces and classrooms on cliff surfaces, which direct attention to changing water levels and become an amphitheater collectively.  However, instead of our previous attempts to represent the structure of the ground – in which we made abstracted assumptions of the interior of the cliffs – we focus here on what should have been our primary focus in representation from the beginning: water.  Represented in lines, the models below demonstrate the movement of rainwater across the surface of the cliffs and the levels of the sea.  The interior of the cliffs become non-existent, focusing only on the surfaces and the presence and movement of water there.  Finally, the rails that support the living spaces and classrooms and allow a vertical movement up the face of the cliff as water levels rise blend with the lines of rainwater.

The following images demonstrate the model as water levels rise.




Rhino Model


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