Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Blockage: blocks, age. Mesa’s Cont.

the mountain in our minds 2

mesa valley view 3

This week: thinking about blockage; of an architecture that gets in the way of the mesa intentionally, that interrupts it precisely and site specifically.

The definition installs a square geometry in every valley on our mesa.  This could be a wall, a water retention basin, a container, a waterworks.

Things fall apart.

The careful observer will notice that this definition is deaf to the difference between a convex and concave curve i.e. it doesn’t know the difference between a valley and a ridge.  After working on this definition, I don’t know if I do either.

Right now the script compares adjacent tangent vectors on each contour line, and creates geometry where the comparison results in a significant difference in the angle of the tangent vectors.  This significant difference isn’t actually a tolerance explicitly set in the definition, but is simply a result of all difference values less than 1 radians becoming null.


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