Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Aunt Betty’s Pondfront

Our intervention negotiates the edge between pond and land, creating desired waterfront dwelling space without developing the entire edge of the pond. The dwellings are on a ridge, lined along canals connected by communal pathways to a small island, providing a waterfront experience and view of the larger pond. The ampitheater is carved out of a valley and another small island is used as both a theatrical backdrop and acoustic bounce for the performance space, providing a buffer between it and the dwellings. We are also exploring ways of digitally representing water under various conditions – in it’s flow through the landscape into the basin of the pond, as a surface affected by wind, as a surface that freezes, as a body with distinct strata corresponding to depth, etc.

ABP Diagram_Cooper

ABP Diagram_Kelly

ABP Diagram_Ben


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