Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Process Study: topological architectures of destruction

Last week our studies of mesa form used the solitary line to construct relationships of density.  This relation of density was formed as the line came into proximity, and relation, with other lines.  Four different views were used to disassemble and reassemble these systems.  We initiated this study to better understand the architecture of a mesa through the processes that formed it (differential erosion of differing densities of rock).  However the relationship between process and form, in its explication, was left entirely to the slider in our grasshopper model.

What is the nature of this relationship?  Does process lead directly and inevitably to form, or is there an unbridgeable abyss between the two that we cannot think our way around- a perpetual caveat to everything we do?

This investigation takes a topological form (matches in close proximity to one another) and initiates a process which will leave a trace.  We then attempt to read the trace for its relationship to the process we initiated and that we documented.  This is then repeated: reading forwards, reading backwards, through multiple models.

This video is documentation of one of several of these iterations.


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