Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Adaptable Erosion path

Rhino base – NicoleAlexa_Riverbed.3dm
Definition – NicoleAlexa_Riverbed.ghx

This definition allows you to change the path of erosion based on a dynamically generated curve, or riverbed.


How we made it:

First we used a surface from Rhino and divided it:


Next we created a new surface by generating new curves from series of the control points we just generated and then lofted them. We drew a curve and used Curve CP and Move functions to make the control points of our surface respond to the curve:

building surface

Then we decided to create a curve that we could change dynamically by creating more divisions and controlling the ‘curviness’ of the entire line. We plugged that line into where the original curve we drew was so that the surface would respond to the changes we made in the curve:


Lastly, we decided to model the standing water on the site, and have the water level respond to the changes in erosion:


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