Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Spring to stream- erosion as a formative process

We are interested in looking at the effects of water on the landscape over time.  We would like to try to model the change in topography over time, as a spring on Observatory Hill begins to erode the hillside, carving a stream channel.  This might be achieved using the Pull Point function in Grasshopper.  It might also be interesting to look at the porosity and differential erosion potential of the soil types that make up the hillside.  Perhaps this could be achieved by treating the vertical layers of the landscape differently in the Grasshopper framework.  Later, as the landscape begins to change, and water becomes more dominant, a bridge and seating would be installed, oriented to take advantage of the southern aspect.  At this stage in the project, we might also try to integrate some built structures or plants on the site that orient to the sun and move throughout the day to follow its position.  We could set this up by orienting the faces of the objects to follow the sun angle in grasshopper.

*Diagrams to be posted ASAP


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