Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Charlottesville’s Alternate Histories

32_Charlottesville History | Modeling an existing city parametrically is a challenge. The demands of representing the specificity of a particular urban environment often conflict with the flexibility and abstraction necessary for parametric operations. In this definition, rather than beginning from a concrete representation of the present-day city, downtown Charlottesville is described as an ideal grid structure which is then altered by a series of interventions. The field responds to the irregularities introduced by elements such as the railroad, Lee Park, and a ridgeline. By altering elements within the urban field, or by adding new ones (the Downtown Mall, perhaps?), one can write and rewrite a series of alternate histories of Charlottesville.

32_Charlottesville History

The associated Rhino file for this definition can be found here.

Here’s a page from my sketchbook as I tried to figure all of this out:



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