Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

Shifting Points

Sometimes, you might want to work with a point that is not in a fixed position. For example, a point that can move in a line might represent a person moving along a path, or a value increasing in influence. Here are a few ways of setting up a moving point.

Click on the Vector tab, and then take a look at the Point box. Here, instead of defining our point by an existing point in Rhino, we’re going to describe a point by its individual x, y, and z coordinates.

Click on (vector, point, point xyz). If you hover over the x, y, and z icons on the component, a yellow box will pop up and tell you that each input is pre-set to zero. To change these settings manually, you can right-click on the input letter, click “Set Number,” and enter your own value.

Point XYZ

However, if you’d like this point to represent a changing number, you’ll need to go about this a bit differently. Click back to the Parameter tab, then in the Special boc, click on the Number Slider. Place the number slider to the left of the point component. Click on the half-circle to the left of the number slider, and drag to connect the slider (via a wire that will appear) to the X input on the Point component.

Param Slider XYZ

Now, when you slide the number slider back and forth, take a look in the Rhino window, and you’ll see that the point you’ve identified moves back and forth as well.

Right now, the values on the slider go from zero to one. If you right-click on the slider and hover over “Values,” you’ll see that you can re-set the range of values as you need to. If you’d like to have your point move along a different or additional axis, you can repeat the steps above for the Y or Z axis as well.

Param Slider XYZ 2


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