Representational Research at the University of Virginia School of Architecture

140728_KangarooDrapeSurface  EBREP_Animation_solar-panels  140729_Stacked-Boxes
EBREP_Animation_voronoi-grid-disturbance  EBREP_Animation_Simple-growth EBREP_Animation_Forming-a-cone
EBREP_Animation_massing-morph-final EBREP_Animation_reciprocal-structure EBREP_Animation_connectivity

Explode_BReps offers a dynamic catalog of over 100 annotated Grasshopper definitions and representations of their potential for the beginning to advanced Grasshopper user. The site brings together ongoing parametric research through the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Fabrication and Structure.

The example and tutorial definitions throughout Explode_BReps describe various relationships making up the physical or intellectual structure of a system, allowing rapid, iterative design decisions efficiently and effectively. It should be possible to imagine these applying to widely differing scales and contexts – from a building’s surface to a complex landform or urban settlement. These examples are a starting point for your own explorations and should be examined for possibilities of creative hacking.

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